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LCSD Takes Aggressive Action to Address Flu Concerns

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LCSD Takes Aggressive Action to Address Flu Concerns


Lauderdale County, MS – It’s the heart of flu season, and many school districts throughout the region are being hit hard by the virus. To address concerns within the Lauderdale County School District, aggressive action is being taken.

Throughout this week there has been a growing number of absences due to the flu and flu concerns at Clarkdale Attendance Center. To address the problem, a local cleaning service will spend the next two days sterilizing that entire campus. The services rendered will include: cleaning all carpets, mopping all floors, wiping down all walls, doors, desks, chairs, lockers and disinfecting all hallways, bathrooms and the cafeteria.

   School administrators are ensuring buses are being disinfected as well. Other LCSD schools are aggressively increasing their cleaning and disinfecting efforts during the flu season to help mitigate the uptick in confirmed cases.

The Lauderdale County School District is committed to safety and fostering a healthy learning environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Please join us as we fight flu concerns by practicing healthy hygiene.

For more information contact LCSD Communication Director, Andrea Williams, at (601) 485-1743.


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