Staff (Temporary Page)

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Mr. Kevin  Cheatham
Director of Career and Technical Education
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Mrs. Teresa  Mackey
Career and Technical Education Administrative Assistant
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Mrs. Kim  Barber
CTE/West Lauderdale/ICT I & Technology Foundations

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Ms. Dana  Buchanan
CTE/Southeast/Business Marketing
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Mrs. Toni  Buchanan
CTE/Clarkdale/Ag & Natural Resources & FFA
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Mrs. Robbi  Caldwell
CTE/Northeast Middle School/ICT I
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Mrs. Connie  Calhoun
CTE/West Lauderdale/STEM

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Mrs. Brenda   Coleman
CTE/Southeast Middle/Computer Discovery
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Mrs. Dorothy  Fluker

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Mrs. Keely  Followay
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Mrs. Lavonda  Gibson
CTE/Business Marketing

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Mr. Scott  Gibson
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Mrs. Pat  Heath
CTE/Northeast/Family & Consumer Science

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Mr. Danny  Johnson
CTE/West Lauderdale/Ag & Natural Resources
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Mrs. Sue  Linton
CTE/Southeast/Family & Consumer Science

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Mrs. Renee  McLeod
CTE/Clarkdale/ICT I
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Mrs. Teresa  McMillan
CTE/Northeast/Childcare Assistant

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Ms. Blair  Miles
CTE/Northeast/Child Care
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Mrs. Angie  Moore

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Mrs. Mary   Pierce
CTE/Northeast Middle School/ICT I & Technology Foundations
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Mrs. LeeAnn  Rhaly
CTE/West Lauderdale/Health Science and HOSA

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Mrs. Denise  Robinson
CTE/Clarkdale/Health Science and HOSA
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Mrs. Susann   Sanders
CTE/West Lauderdale/Family and Consumer Science

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Mrs. Mary  Hill Shular
CTE/West Lauderdle Middle School/ICT I
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Ms. Suzy  Sims

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Mrs. Megan  Sisson
CTE/Southeast/Health Science and HOSA
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Ms. Cassandra  Smith

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Mr. Jeremy  Smith
CTE/ Southeast/Construction Trades & Skills USA
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Mr. Josh  Snider

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Mrs. Jan  Trawick
CTE/Northeast/Health Science
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