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Stay tuned for The Performing Arts Department at Meridian Community College to announce the yearly LCSD production
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Dr. John-Mark Cain, Superintendent of the Lauderdale County School District, has a vision for all students with a desire for involvement in Performing Arts. The partnership formed with The Performing Arts Department at Meridian Community College works well; all involved work hard to offer an annual production for students to showcase their talents. The yearly production takes hours of practice and brings the community together for an unforgettable performance. This year will be no different than the 11 previous years as we await the announcement of the name of the upcoming annual production.

The past performances have proven the Lauderdale County School District has a bright future with our talented, young teens. Our first production in 2009, The Wiz, set the precedence of what was to come. In the second through the ninth years (2010, AIDA; 2011, Back to the '80s; 2012, Disco Inferno; 2013, Guys and Dolls; 2014, All Shook Up; 2015, Beauty and the Beast; 2016, Carnival; and 2017, Kiss Me, Kate), LCSD's students pulled out all of the stops and their performances consistently grew stronger. As they made their way through the classic journey in The Wizard of Oz for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of our partnership with MCC and the 11th year's performance of Peter Pan, the community support was outstanding and the productions were impeccable. 














































































































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