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Lauderdale County School District/ Meridian Community College Arts and Letters 2017-18 Performing Arts Production
Lauderdale County's Superintendent of Education
Lauderdale County's Superintendent of Education

Superintendent Randy Hodges has a vision for all students with a desire for involvement in Performing Arts. His vision has grown over the years and been made possible by the partnership formed with The Performing Arts Department at Meridian Community College. The partnership works well; all involved work hard to offer an annual production for students to showcase their talents. The yearly play takes hours of practice and brings the community together for yet another unforgettable performance. 

The past performances have proven that Lauderdale County has a bright future with our talented, young teens. Our first production in 2009, "The Wiz", set the precedence of what was to come. In 2010, our students excelled in their performance of "AIDA", followed in 2011 with their rendition of "Back to the 80's". Without disappointment, the 2012 performance of "Disco Inferno" proved once again that there would be no stopping our most talented students. The bar was raised in 2013 with the hit "Guys and Dolls" as our students performed with a live orchestra for the first time. The performance in 2014 allowed us to revisit our past with a grand version of "All Shook Up" and the performance in 2015, a family classic known as "Beauty and the Beast", included students in middle and high school. Those same aged students performed "Carnival" in 2016 and proved that all of our students come together when it's time for the annual Performing Arts play. The 2017 performance, "Kiss Me Kate" was inspired by the onstage/offstage battling of husband and wife actors and it was an exceptional performance. As our middle and high school students begin to prepare for the 2018 performance, "The Wizard of Oz", please join us in congratulating the Green Cast and Chorus and the White Cast and Chorus.

This year marks the 10th year anniversary of our partnership with The Performing Arts Department at Meridian Community College. The competition has grown each year and this year was certainly no exception as our talented students brought their best performances to the auditions. We were able to choose two casts of characters:  the Green Cast and Chorus as well as the White Cast and Chorus. This allows us to showcase more student talent. Please show your support to our performers by attending a performance of their long journey through the classic story of "The Wizard of Oz".


Tickets for Adults: $10  Students: $5

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Aunt Em/Oz Lady Madison Field/WL  Ansley Slaughter/NE
Farmhand/Private Makagan Massingill/WL Isaac Moore/WL
Uncle Henry/General Darby Kinney/WL  Lucas Vanderburg/CL
Dorothy Reah Clymer/WL  Piper Gonzalez/NE
 Munchkin Farmer  Hannah Dover/NE  Max Hodgins/WL
Mayor of the Munchkins   Alaina Summerford/SE  Noah Brand/WL
 The Good Witch  Antavia Mosley/NE  Audrey Anderson/CL
 The  Wicked Witch  Anne Marie Talley/CL  Caroline Kercheval/NE
 The Scarecrow  Maggie Freeman/CL  Anna Reid/WL
 The Tin Man  Will Parker/NE  Patrick Martin/NE
 The Cowardly Lion  Micah Diener/SE  Kiara Malone/NE
 Lord Growlie  Thalia McInnis/NE  Darby Smithson/NE
 Gloria  Kaylei Barnett/SE  Katie Miles/WL
 The Wizard of Oz  Greg Ries/WL  Mr. Moore/NE
 Visiting Witch #1  Camryn Walker/NE  Kennedy Grice/WL
 Visiting Witch #2  Jasmine Walker/NE  Kary Grice/WL
 Tibia  Madison Reynolds/NE  Leila Rose Daniels/SE
 Servant  Lawson Alysse Freeman/WL  Lindsey Higginbotham/SE
 Ozmas  Mallory Leake/WL  Sydney Stokes/WL
 Munchkin Coroner  Jessie Dearman/WL  Avrie Boles/CL


Green Chorus/School White Chorus/School
Talanda Miller/NE Jillian Goodman/NE
Hallie Culpepper/NE Morgan Dubose/NE
T'onna Neal/NE Annessa Hopson/NE
Anne-Leigh Freeman/WL Terraline Green/NE
Kaylynn Fortner/WL Libby Smith/WL
Madison McCary/WL Tristin McKee/WL
Colby Brown/WL Joslyn Broome-Tucker/WL
Jillian Snodgrass/WL Ramya Hudnall/NE
Evan Grace Branstetter/WL Ethan Martin/SE
Shelby Wheat/CL Peytyn Hammond/SE







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