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Requirements for Dual Enrollment With Meridian Community College (MCC)

  • To enroll in dual credit courses all student must have at least a "B" average and no lower than a "17" on the ACT; a score of "18" on the ACT is required for most courses. 
  • Each course will count as .5 Carnegie unit. 
  • Dual credit courses will not be averaged as part of the student's overall GPA, but will be placed on the student's final transcript.
  • Any student who does not make a grade of "C" or better during the fall semester will not be eligible to enroll in a dual enrollment class during the spring semester. 

Dual credit Carreer & Technical courses for seniors located on the MCC campus.


Dual Credit Classes Offered on our Campuses


          Clarkdale HS                                                                 Northeast HS 

          Comp I - Wed, Rawson                                                                        Comp I - Wed, Godwin                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                          Col Alg - Wed, Bass


          Southeast HS                                                                West Lauderdale HS 

                                                                                                                         Col Alg - Wed, Caldwell


                                                                                                                         Western Civ - Wed, George



Did you know there are 3 different High School Diploma Options for Lauderdale County Students?

Option I

Standard Diploma

Option II

Advanced Placement Honors Diploma

Option III

Career Pathways Diploma

Ninth Grade

  • English I
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Mississippi Studies
  • Electives (4) (3)

Ninth Grade

  • Accelerated English I
  • Mathematics**
  • Biology I
  • Mississippi Studies
  • Electives (4) (3)

  • (4 Total) English I & II are required
  • 1 Algebra I
  • 1 Biology I
  • 1 U.S. History
  • .5 U.S. Government
  • .5 Mississippi Studies
  • .5 Comprehensive Health or
  • .5 Family and Individual Health

Tenth Grade

  • English II
  • Mathematics
  • World History
  • Science
  • Electives (4) (3)

Tenth Grade

  • Accelerated English II
  • Mathematics (Advanced)
  • World History
  • Science (Advanced)
  • Electives (4) (3)
  • .5 Physical Education
  • 4 (Selected from Student's Program of Study)
  • 1 ICT I, Technology Foundations, 9th STEM or Computer Applications and Keyboarding
  • 2.5 Elective courses selected form the student's approved program of study

Eleventh Grade

  • English III
  • Mathematics
  • U.S. History
  • Science
  • Electives (4) (3)

Eleventh Grade

  • Accelerated English III
  • AP Composition
  • Mathematics (Advanced)
  • AP History
  • Science
  • Electives (4) (3)

21 Total Carnegie Units Required for All County Schools.

Students must sign up for this diploma track by their 10th grade year.

Twelfth Grade

  • English IV
  • Government/Economics**
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Electives (4) (3)

Twelfth Grade

  • Advanced Placement English
  • Advanced Placement Social Studies
  • Advanced Placement Mathematics
  • Advanced Placement Science
  • Electives (4) (3) 
Mississippi's Institution of Higher Learning requirements differ from minimum graduation requirements for this diploma.

27 Total Carnegie Units for Clarkdale High School & Northeast High School (7 Period Day)

30 Total Carnegie Units for Southeast High School & West Lauderdale High School (Block Schedule)                  See handbook page 22

27 Total Carnegie Units for Clarkdale High SChool & Northeast High School   (7 Period Day)

30 Total Carnegie Units for Southeast High School & West Lauderdale High School (Block Schedule)                      See Student Handbook page 22





Where do I go to sign up for college? What do I have to do?

Click on the following links to answer all of your questions about applying and obtaining admission into these colleges and universities. 



University of Southen Mississippi


Ole Miss                     

Jackson State University


Mississippi University for Women       

 Mississippi College


William Carey University                   

Millsaps College


Alcorn State University

University of West Alabama


East Central Community College


East Mississippi Community College


Meridian Community College




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How/Where do I look for college scholarships?

Check this out!

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Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant MTAG

Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant MESG 



How/Where do I sign up for the ACT?

Most colleges and universities outside the state of Mississippi require ACT Plus Writing. Please make sure you read the admission requirements closely.


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