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Superintendent of Education
Randy Hodges, Superintendent
Randy Hodges, Superintendent

Randy Hodges, Superintendent

Graduate of Mississippi State University (1971)

Former Teacher/Basketball Coach

Former Assistant Principal and Head Principal

Superintendent of Lauderdale County Schools (1988-1992; 2008-Present)

Married to Delaine Hodges

Two Daughters, Nikki and Mandy

Three Granddaughters and Two Grandsons



This is an exciting and thriving time for the students of the Lauderdale

County School District.  Our district continues to have some of the

brightest and most talented students in the state.  Students continue to

show academic growth even with the demands of a more rigorous

curriculum.  LCSD has implemented the new Mississippi College and

Career Standards in grades K-12.  With these new standards brings

more opportunities for students to be exposed to higher levels of

learning in preparation for college and the world of work.  In addition,

our students continue to represent the district well in many state and

national competitions, both in academics and sports.  We also believe

the arts and arts integration are valuable resources in helping students

reach their full potential.  Therefore, through partnerships with the

Riley Center, MCC, the Mississippi Arts Commission, and many others,

our students have opportunities to be exposed to the arts and artists

from a variety of genres.  Our goal in Lauderdale County is to provide

opportunities to reach all students K-12 by providing balanced learning

experiences and opportunities to showcase talents.


Equally important to high academic standards is our commitment to

school safety.  Our district is fortunate to have four outstanding

community schools who share in this commitment:  Clarkdale,

Northeast, Southeast, and West Lauderdale.  We believe in providing a

safe and caring environment for all students –from the time that

students board the buses in the morning until they return home in the

afternoon.  Parents play a vital role in helping to insure the safety of

each school by observing school policies and procedures and taking

extra precautions with car safety while driving on campus.  Throughout

the school year, teachers and school leaders will also promote the

importance of safety for students both on and off campus.  Working

together we can continue to have safe schools centered on meeting the

needs of all students.


The Lauderdale County School District believes in the power of strong

parental involvement.  Each of our community schools has many

opportunities planned throughout the year where parents are invited

and encouraged to attend.  We urge you to take an active role in your

child’s learning by communicating regularly with your child’s teacher,

attending parent/teacher conferences, insuring homework in completed

nightly, and supporting the goals and policies of the school.  At the same

time, we are committed to keeping you informed throughout the year

whether it is special events, weather emergencies, or just simple

reminders.  We encourage you to download our Lauderdale County

School District App to your smartphone.   You can find more

information about our free app at  Throughout the year, push

notifications will be sent directly to your smartphone.  ALERTNOW (our

automated phone system), Facebook, and Twitter are other ways we will

send information to you. 


Lauderdale County Schools is committed to meeting the needs of all the

students we serve, as we prepare them to be productive, contributing

members of our community.  In this pursuit, we know that students

must have a passion or a desire for something –whether it’s academics,

sports, or the arts.  This passion is the driving force that gives them one

reason to come to school, and thus, they are more likely to experience


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