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  1. #challenge39 will run the months of October and November 2017. There are 39 school days combined in these months, and it’s imperative students do not miss a day of school due to the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) being calculated into the MAEP funding formula. The MAEP formula decides how much money a school district receives for the following year.
  2. Our goal is for every school to have perfect attendance all year long, however; our campaign will focus on attendance during October and November.

  3. All Lauderdale County school’s will develop a #challenge39 plan, indicating they have accepted the challenge, and what they plan to do at school and community wide to meet the challenge.

    ·       Incentive programs

    ·       Campus Competitions

    ·       General assemblies promoting the importance of attending school

    ·       Community participation

  4. Plans have to be approved by a district official.
  5. At the end of the 39-day challenge, the average daily attendance will be calculated and the school with the highest rate of attendance will be crowned the Lauderdale County Champion.

  6. A perpetual trophy to the winning school will be presented December 14, 2017. We encourage all media outlets to attend our presentation. 

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