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Suicide Prevention: It's time we start talking again.
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Letter from the Superintendent
Letter from the Superintendent
Suicide Article

Lauderdale County  School District




May 3, 2017




Dear Parents and Families, Administrators, Teachers and Coaches,


After reading the article "Teen Suicide Isn't 'Entertainment,'" (The Clarion Ledger, May 1, 2017, by Daniel L. Gardner) and knowing that we all have a responsibility for the care and well-being of our young people, I felt compelled to share it with you.


We are living in a new day, and many of our young people are hurting.  Rather than allow social media and the new age of digital communication to dominate our lives, we need to take a more common sense approach and communicate with honest and genuine conversation.  As both a young boy and teenager, I remember sharing my thoughts and ideas with family and those of influence in my life; our students need that today.


Communication is the first step to suicide prevention and helping our youth meet life's challenges.  No matter what our opinion is concerning the influences, we must all take responsibility for our young people.  Communication begins with us.  We want you to know that Lauderdale County School District remains committed to do our part as we work jointly with students, parents, and families.  Join me in having conversation with our students.






Randy Hodges,

Superintendent of Education


The article referenced in the letter can be found at:

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