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  The Lauderdale County School District's mission is to educate all students so they can become competent contributing members of society. The LCSD is committed to meeting the needs of all students we serve as we prepare them to be productive, contributing members of our community. In this pursuit, we know students must have a passion or a desire for something – whether it’s academics, sports, or the arts. This passion is the driving force that gives them one reason to come to school, and thus, they are more likely to experience success.

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LCSD Earns "A" Rating

We're extremely proud of the #LCSDExcellence family for earning an "A" rating for the 2nd year in a row. Because of everyone's hard work, we are the 18th highest rated school district in the state! Click on the attached link to learn more about this major accomplishment.

LCSD CTE Center: Why is it Needed?

In response to the evolving needs of students and the community, the Lauderdale County School District is embarking on a transformative journey by initiating the construction of a state-of-the-art Career and Technical Center. This ambitious project aims to create a dynamic learning environment that will empower students with practical skills, technical expertise, and hands-on experiences, fostering their growth as well-rounded individuals prepared for success in the modern workforce. In the attached video local business, healthcare, emergency response and education officials share their perspectives on the project.

LCSD CTE Generational Investment Opportunity

We are committed to providing students with an innovative education that prepares them to become productive citizens of the 21st Century. Click on the attached link for detailed information about the Career & Technical Education project.

LCSD CTE Center Program Profiles

The proposed Lauderdale County School District Career & Technical Education Center will create an "ecosystem" that will help to provide a seamless transition for students to the next step in their career. We are dedicated to helping students find their "passion" in life! As part of this effort, we're coordinating relationships with businesses, industry, and post-secondary institutions in order to create pathways to foster student success. In total, the new center will house up to 12 programs. Click on the attached links to learn about them. Check back for the release of more profiles.

Facts & Numbers

  • A District's Grade Rating
  • 94.4% Graduation Rate
  • $5 Million in Scholarships Awarded
  • 57 National Board Certified Teachers
  • 74.6% Post-Secondary Enrollment
  • 18.2 Average Composite LCSD ACT score
  • 82.9% Experienced Teachers
  • 50.9% Bachelor Degree Recipients
  • 44.9% Master Degree Recipients
  • 99.2% Pass Rate for Dual Credit Enrollment
  • 97.4% LCSD Pass Rate for Third Grade Reading Assessment
  • 68.1% score Silver & Higher on ACT WorkKeys
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