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WLMS Glow Day Test Prep

Students throughout the LCSD are preparing for benchmark testing, which will gauge how many standards they have learned so far this year. Click on the attached link to see one of the innovative ways that teachers at West Lauderdale Middle School are using to help students review.

CES Candy Cane Christmas Luncheon

Parental involvement is critical for the success of our students. Clarkdale moms and dads turned out to join their kindergartners for a special Candy Cane Christmas luncheon. Click on the attached link to find out more about this festive affair.

LCSD Middle Schools: Christmas Tree Challenge

We are proud to share that each LCSD middle school participated in the Christmas tree decorating project at Meridian City Hall. Click on the attached links to see how the schools chose to spread holiday cheer.

Lockheed Martin Donates Coats and School Supplies

Christmas has come early for some LCSD students. Thanks to the generosity of a special committee at the local Lockheed Martin, coats and school supplies are available to students who need them. Click on the attached link to learn more.

School Board: 2022 Campus Tours

School board members have kicked off their yearly tour of campuses. Click on the attached link for highlights of some of the tours so far. Check back regularly because highlights from the other tours will be added, as they become available.

LCSD 2nd Annual Legislative Luncheon

We were pleased to welcome an array of state, local, business, and community leaders to the 2nd Annual LCSD Legislative Luncheon. During the event, the group learned about new developments. Click on the attached link to hear from some of the attendees.

LCSD Traveling Art Exhibit at Uptown Mall!

The first-ever LCSD Traveling Art Exhibit has now arrived at its final location. Be sure to check out the exhibit at Dillard's in Uptown Mall between now and December 16, 2022. Click on the attached link to find out more about the showcase.

First-Ever LCSD Traveling Art Exhibit to Debut!

We've got talent! Get ready for the first-ever LCSD traveling art exhibit. The exhibition will feature pieces that were made by students from throughout the District. Click on the attached link to find out where you can enjoy the fantastic artwork.

Additional Pre-K Classes to Come!

Starting next school year, we will be able to serve more pre-k students thanks to a state grant. Click on the attached link to learn how many more students will be able to serve and more about the new job opportunities that this will provide.
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