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LCSD Legislative Luncheon

We want to thank all who were able to attend the 2021 LCSD Legislative Luncheon. Your continued support aids in our ongoing efforts to reach new levels of LCSD Excellence! Click on the attached link for more details.

CHS: "Kindness Leaves Encouragement" Effort

One goal of the LCSD is to build positive relationships. Research shows that positive relationships have a direct impact on academic achievement, attendance, emotional health and well-being, and self-esteem/self-efficacy for students and job satisfaction, reduced burnout, and more. Click on the attached link to see one method that's in place at Clarkdale High to encourage students, faculty, and staff on that campus.

CES: Words of Encouragement

Having a positive point of view is important. Click on the attached link to see how our students at Clarkdale Elementary are being encouraged to handle challenges.

Cyber Safety Reminders

As technology increasingly becomes a major part of our everyday lives, it's important to protect yourself from scammers by remembering some key cyber safety tips. Click on the attached link for more information.

LCSD Superintendent's Student Advsiory Council

Members of the LCSD Superintendent's Student Advisory Council are taking a tour of Meridian Community College. The trip was a bonus for the student leaders who advise the superintendent about the needs for each campus. Click on the attached link to hear Superintendent Cain discuss the importance of the students' contributions and to hear from some members of the group.

NEMS Alpha Club Inducation Ceremony

Congratulations to more than 130 young scholars @NEMSTrojans for being inducted into the school's Alpha Club. We are proud of you! Click on the attached link for more details.

WLHS Band: Master Class Guest

Some members of the Mighty West Lauderdale Knights Band were recently treated to a master class that featured a very special guest. Click on the attached link for details. Thanks to the Meridian Symphony Association for assisting with this effort.

NEE Welcomes Children's Book Author

Students at Northeast Elementary have received a special treat. A celebrated retired educator turned author stopped by to read to them, but she didn't come empty-handed. Instead, she came bearing gifts. Click on the attached link for details.
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