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Return to Learn FAQs

A: Yes there has been no mention of changing this policy.
A: Students with an IEP and/or 504 will have accommodations provided in accordance with blended learning plans.
A: Yes. The Mississippi Department of Education will provide more details on how attendance can be recorded with blended learning. School award and exemption policies will also be examined and expected to change.
A: The LCSD strongly encourages students to wear a mask, this guidance could change based on local/state mandates. Students who ride the bus in the morning will be required to wear a mask but encouraged students to wear one in the afternoon when possible.
A: Yes the school will provide two cloth masks that need to be washed daily if possible. Students may also choose their own which is determined by the administration not to contain images or wording disruptive to the educational environment.
A: Yes with special attention to assigned seating, cleaning protocols, and maximum ventilation. 
A: Yes to the best extent possible.  Each student will be temperature checked and rechecked if needed.  Students with potential fever indicated will be sent to the nurses office for evaluation.  The parent of a sick child will be called for immediate pick up while potentially masked and quarantined in a separate location.
A: The LCSD nurses or appropriate staff will provide those students and parents with the necessary paperwork with criteria needed to return to the school setting.
A: Yes. The school will issue correspondence to the individuals who are determined to be at highest risk of exposure or a close contact. All HIPPA and FERPA laws will be adhered to which prevents the personal identification of individuals.

A: The general rule of thumb is to be within 6 ft, with no mask, and for 15 minutes.  There are always other variables that may be considered by the medical professional and administration at each campus. 

A: Yes. If the principal and teacher feel that the student can perform some of the work via packet or virtually, the student may be assigned to perform the work from home digitally at the same time (synchronously) the classroom teacher is teaching or at a later time (asynchronously).
A: At this time we are planning on the use of virtual open houses with the likely exception of Kindergarten.
A: Each school will develop their own plan but the general consensus is the use of staggering in supplies over multiple days via bags or backpack.
A: Yes. However, parents should disinfect and wash/wipe lunchboxes and backpacks regularly. School officials will routinely spray items brought from home.
A: Unfortunately, to provide extra safety, parents will not be allowed to enter and visit at this time.
A: In most cases, yes.  The only exception would be if the homeschool program is accredited (either state accreditation or regional accreditation).  Homeschool students who transfer credits from non-accredited institutions will be required to demonstrate mastery by completing an end-of-course test in the subject area and meet one of the graduation options for the corresponding MAAP test (Algebra I, English 10, US History, and Biology I). This is a Mississippi Department of Education graduation requirement. 
A: A decision tree for most COVID situations will be developed and made available prior to the start of school.
A: No. Building-level principals and leadership teams will guide most decisions.
A: Yes
A: Yes. The state and federal government has supported this financially, but we are some months away from receiving them.
A: Although we do not yet have a mandatory mask policy, a disposable mask will be provided upon availability. (Two cloth masks will be provided to each student.)
A: Yes, the safety of our staff and students is of paramount importance.  We just contracted over one million dollars on campus improvements to address school safety (e.g. cameras, fencing).  Safety drills are conducted routinely on each of our campuses.  Our bus drivers are trained on safety at least twice a year.  We have SRO’s at each location.  To prepare for the upcoming school year, we recently purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars on PPE and cleaning.  Changing our school calendar to implement a “soft launch” was also done to address safety.  Having smaller numbers during the first days of school will allow both staff and students to learn new safety routines and procedures.  We are in the process of hiring three new school nurses to address the health concerns on our campuses.  We have hired two additional therapists to help provide mental health supports for our students.
A: The Mississippi Department of Education has ruled that students participating in hybrid classes or virtual classes through LCSD can be counted as part of the district’s enrollment/attendance.  Even though students may not be physically present, these students can be counted present for the purpose of future funding.  Because of this, our planning seriously considered a virtual option but did not feel we had the needed infrastructure or training to provide it at an equitable level for all.  We ultimately relied heavily on guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics and other researchers and decided face-to-face traditional instruction provides the best possible education and social support for the students of LCSD.  Regarding funding, our enrollment/attendance for the 2020-2021 school year will be used to determine our funding for the 2021-2022 school year.
A: No